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The Night of the Iguana

Playwright: Tennessee Williams

Direction: Fred Abrahamse

Costume Design: Marcel Meyer

Set & Lighting Design: Fred Abrahamse

Soundscape: Richard Campbell

Sound Design: Sam Sewell

Cast: Marcel Meyer, Bo Petersen, Gail Phaneuf, Everett Quinton, Ian Leahy, Sarah MacDonnell, Nell Hamilton, Justin Chevalier, Antonio Harmsen

Venue: The Provincetown Theatre

Dates: September 2019

About: Williams’ vision of madness, endurance and grace re-imagined in a production inspired by Japan’s traditional Noh theatre.


What the Press Said:

“Abrahamse and Meyer continued their tradition of emotionally connected, realistic depictions of the characters in the Williams oeuvre while replacing more European ‘Western’ symbolic aspects of the play with elements of ‘Eastern’ Noh tradition to show their confluence…Poetry, ghosts, and the drive for completion are some of the most crucial elements of Noh drama: the Provincetown production highlighted the fact that all three have been coexisting with the ambiguously symbolic iguana in Williams’ play all along. Abrahamse and Meyer’s production pushed Iguana toward something dramatically different. Ultimately, the nuanced application of the Noh frame throughout the Provincetown production revealed Williams’ play to be one in conversation not only with Japanese culture and aesthetics but with ghosts, forms, and poetry that take on new resonances when viewed through the traditions of Japan’s Noh theatre. Abrahamse and Meyer’s insightful recontextualization of The Night of the Iguana places it among the more explicitly Japanese-inspired Williams works and invites further study of it as such” THE TENNESSEE WILLIAMS ANNUAL REVIEW

The Night of the Iguana kicked off the Festival with a special Wednesday, September 25 preview for sponsors and townies. Word quickly spread that this classic, brought from South Africa by Abrahamse and Meyer Productions, and directed in traditional Noh style by Fred Abrahamse, was a must-see” THEATRECRITICISM.COM

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