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The Frog Prince

Book: Fred Abrahamse & Marcel Meyer

Music & Lyrics: Marcel Meyer

Direction: Fred Abrahamse

Musical Direction: Marcel Meyer

Set Design: Fred Abrahamse

Costume Design: Marcel Meyer

Lighting Design: JP Wilson

Cast: Donovan Chapman, Shannyn Fourie, Jason Ralph, Carla Wiese

Venue: Canal Walk Theatre

Dates: June/July 2007

About: An original musical adaptation of the beloved Brother’s Grimm Fairy-tale. A vain, handsome prince is turned into a frog by an enchantress for his bad behaviour. Can he find a princess who will see past his ugly exterior and give him that magical kiss which will break the spell or is he doomed to remain a frog for the rest of his days?

What the Press Said:

“Marcel Meyer’s songs and the script by Abrahamse & Meyer aren’t dumbed down for the children…colourful costumes and sets and solid acting and singing from an experienced cast all contribute to the show’s success…The Frog Prince will whisk the kiddies to fairy-tale land and vanquish their winter blues” THE CAPE ARGUS

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