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Nursery Rhyme Time

Book: Fred Abrahamse & Marcel Meyer

Music & Lyrics: Marcel Meyer

Direction: Fred Abrahamse

Musical Direction: Marcel Meyer

Set Design: Fred Abrahamse

Costume Design: Marcel Meyer

Lighting Design: JP Wilson

Cast: Stephen Jubber, Tarryn Lamb, Titi Tsira, Charla Cilliers, Friedrich Smit

Venue: Canal Walk Theatre

Dates: 22 March – 13 April 2008

About: A very merry birthday party is being planned for merry Old King Cole and all the favourite characters are invited: Will the Queen of Hearts find her tarts? Will Jack and Jill go up the hill? Will Little Bo-Peep find her sheep and will Humpty Dumpty have that great fall?

What the Press Said:

“The rhymes are set to music, much of it written by Meyer. The arrangements are fun and encourage singalongs from the kids. The cast comprised of talented performers who combine song and dance. They make good use of props and puppets. The costumes are the stars here, with rich and delightfully quirky designs enriching the production. Nursery Rhyme Time is a wonderful time fo both parents and children” THE CAPE ARGUS

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