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The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore

Playwright: Tennessee Williams

Presented in association with Artscape and the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival

Direction/ Set & Lighting Design: Fred Abrahamse

Costume Design: Marcel Meyer

Soundscape: Charl-Johan Lingenfelder

Photography: Fiona MacPherson, Pat Bromilow-Downing, Josh Andros

Cast: Jennifer Steyn, Marcel Meyer, Nicholas Dallas, Roelof Storm [Provincetown 2013 & Artscape], Daniel Richard [Provincetown 2015]

Venue/s: Provincetown Theatre [September 2013], Artscape Arena [October 2013], Provincetown Theatre [September 2015]

About: This highly acclaimed staging of Williams’ 1963 classic played to capacity houses and standing ovations in Cape Town and the USA.


What the Press Said:


“Incorporating Asian aesthetics, Zen Buddhist philosophy and traditional Japanese Noh    performance this is unconventional theatre at its most challenging and rewarding….one of the theatrical highlights of the year...judging by the standing ovation on opening night, one can now safely assume that, as with many a great piece of art The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore was simply way before its time.” THE CAPE TIMES 

The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore is an unqualified success in the way it so gracefully and artfully grapples with the spectre that at some point haunts us all. When style is wielded with the artistry and sensitivity on display in The Milk Train it can serve to elevate a production to heights sublime and transcendent. This is an unforgettable production that should be savoured like a fine spirit.” THE NEXT 48 HOURS 

“Jennifer Steyn is triumphant in a role that is likely to receive critical acclaim. The text reads as poetic allegory, drawing heavily on mythic imagery. Aspects of Japanese aesthetics are well-captured in Meyer’s detailed costumes and director Fred Abrahamse’s white set.” THE TIMES 

“Fred Abrahamse’s rendition of this highly symbolic play is an artistic triumph, taking its heights only higher. Jennifer Steyn is breath-taking in her portrayal as Mrs Goforth and carries the production to a deserved victory…an unmissable drama” ARTSLINK 

“Any Williams play is ideal for visionary Fred Abrahamse…he masterfully allows the play to come to life though his sensible direction and delicate artistic visual flair, enhanced and complimented by Marcel Meyer’s arresting costume designs and Charl-Johan Lingenfelder’s imposing and haunting music score that powerfully amplifies the emotional impact…from the moment you enter the theatre, the audience is immersed in a thrilling mystery of sound an image…Theatre truly comes to life once its inner life is perfectly realised; with Milk Train the experience of theatre and its commanding emotional impact results in an evening of proudly South African Theatre at its most passionate.” THE WRITING STUDIO 

“Fred Abrahamse and his creative team have achieved a rich and textured theatre experience worthy of any stage. Much of the play centres on a figurative and metaphysical exchange between Sissy Goforth and Chris Flanders. Here Marcel Meyer as Flanders delivers a telling performance. His take on the character is comprehensive in many respects. His   success in the role depends on how much we understand of the character and how much is left to speculate on. In all aspects, Marcel Meyer succeeds. But the night belongs to Jennifer Steyn as Flora “Sissy” Goforth. A powerful performance and understanding of this hugely complex character is intriguing to watch as layer upon layer is peeled back.” THE MONDAY MISSILE 

“This production makes for an engrossing night at the theatre, all the more so because of the magnificent performance by Jennifer Steyn, who plays the central role of Flora “Sissy” Goforth, a character that – taken on its own terms - ranks right up there with Blanche du Bois and Maggie the Cat…Steyn gives the performance of a lifetime in this role. Being able to see a production of this rarely produced Williams drama is reason enough to make the trip to the theatre, all the more so with the resplendent Steyn taking centre stage.”  BROADWAY WORLD SOUTH AFRICA


Best Actress – Jennifer Steyn [win]

Best Costume Design – Marcel Meyer [nomination]

Best Score – Charl-Johan Lingenfelder [nomination]

One of the Top Five Theatre Productions of 2013 by THE CAPE TIMES

One of the Top Ten Theatre Production of 2013 by THE NEXT 48 HOURS

Ms. Steyn’s performance in MILK TRAIN was listed as one of the Ten Best Performances on a Cape Town Stage in the last Ten Years in THE NEXT 48 HOURS’ first decade anniversary edition.

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