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Green Eyes

Playwright: Tennessee Williams

Direction: Fred Abrahamse

Costume Design: Marcel Meyer

Photography: Fiona MacPherson and Pat Bromilow-Downing

Cast: Stephen Jubber and Melissa Haiden

Venue: Vineyard Hotel

Date: July – August 2016

About: Green Eyes was written in 1970 and remained unpublished and un-staged until 2008. This intense, power-house play was Williams’s response to the atrocities of the Vietnam War. Set in New Orleans, Green Eyes transfigures a honeymoon suite into a battleground. The play was presented with Talk to Me Like The Rain and Let Me Listen as a site-specific theatre piece at the historic Vineyard Hotel under the collective title Tennessee Williams: The Hotel Plays.

What the Press Said:

“Do not miss out on one of the theatrical events of the year.” THE NEXT 48 HOURS

“EXCEPTIONAL…Enigmatic and intriguing, the drama teases the mind, while gourmet fare nourishes the body in this double-bill with a difference.” THE CAPE ARGUS

 “A sleekly engineered theatrical and gastronomic experience few will forget” THE CAPE ARGUS

“CAPTIVATING… While the audience are not complicit in the narrative at any stage they inhabit a strange voyeuristic space, and the intimacy of the space is so intense as to be another member of the cast.” THE CAPE TIMES

 “A WONDERFUL THEATRE EXPERIENCE…For bravery the four actors deserve a medal. For the way they totally focus on their roles and convey the beauty of the text, a whole bouquet.” DIE BURGER

“Williams was a remarkable writer and while he is better known for The Glass Menagerie and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof it is a delicious treat to rediscover his writing in these small gems.” THE CAPE TIMES

“SUBLIME…The two plays that Abrahamse has selected – Talk To Me Like The Rain And Let Me Listen, starring Nicole Franco and Marcel Meyer; and Green Eyes, starring Stephen Jubber and Melissa Haiden – complement each other remarkably well. The fact that they are so antithetical in mood and language makes for a remarkably rounded night of theatre.” THE NEXT 48 HOURS

Stephen Jubber and Melissa Haiden in Tennessee Williams GREEN EYES phot by Fiona MacPherso
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