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Costume Design Portfolio

Marcel Meyer is an award-winning costume and set  designer.

Awards & Nominations

Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards:

2008 Best Costume Design Assassins (nomination)

2009 Best Costume Design Private Lives (nomination)

2011 Best Costume DesignThe Tragedy of Richard III (win)

2012 Best Costume Design Kingdom of Earth (nomination)

2013 Best Costume Design The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore (nomination)

2013 Best Puppetry Design A Midsummer Night's Dream (nomination - with Fred Abrahamse)

2015 Best Costume Design Othello (nomination)

2018 Best Costume Design Sweet Bird of Youth (nomination)

2019 Best Costume Design Macbeth (nomination - with Fred Abrahamse)

2019 Best Puppetry Design Macbeth (nomination - with Fred Abrahamse)

2019 Best Costume Design Equus (nomination)

2019 Best Set Design Equus (nomination)

Naledi Theatre Awards:

2017 Best Costume Design Hamlet (nomination)

2018 Best Costume DesignMacbeth (win - with Fred Abrahamse)

2019 Best Costume Design Shakespeare's R&J (nomination)

2019 Best Costume Design Equus (nomination)

St Louis Theatre Circle Awards (USA)

2014 Outsanding Set Design Stairs to the Roof (nomination)

2014 Outstanding Costume Design Stairs to the Roof (nomination)

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