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Bangbroek Mountain

Book & Lyrics: Fred Abrahamse & Marcel Meyer

Music: Charl-Johan Lingenfelder

Direction: Fred Abrahamse

Musical Direction: Charl-Johan Lingenfelder

Set Design: Ulrich Binedell

Costume Design: Nial Griffin

Lighting Design: JP Wilson

Cast: Marcel Meyer, Grant Almirall, Lilian Khumalo, Dorothy Engelbrecht, Marguerita Freeks

Photography: Fiona MacPherson & Pat Bromilow-Downing

Venue: On Broadway, 88 Shortmarket Street

Dates: 17 November 2007 – 6 January 2008



An original South African Musical Comedy spoofing the 2006 hit film Brokeback Mountain. Set in South Africa, the musical spans five decades as it follows the lives of two men who meet, as boys, at a Voortrekker [Boys Scout] Camp in the Bangbroek Mountains in the mid-1960s. The musical follows their relationship from the ages of 16 to their late 50s, and sees them ultimately fulfilling their life long dream of building a B&B in the Bangbroek Mountains in 2006.

What the Press Said:

“Bangbroek Mountain has so many things working for it, that it does seem like a tiny miracle as it unfolds on the On Broadway stage…how does one find fault with the genuine likeability of the two leads and the pretty decent, catchy original songs? is a modern day musical, and how often does one see those…Abrahamse and his team should be congratulated on delivering a top-notch festive entertainment with a genuine feelgood quality” THE CAPE TIMES

“Inventive lyrics and jokes flying left, right and centre...a laugh-a-minute…the entire experience is entertaining, fun, a tad poignant and above all imaginative” THE CAPE ARGUS

“A riotous musical comedy by Fred Abrahamse and Marcel Meyer…an unashamedly camp send up of the movie with South African flavouring and had the audience howling with laughter. The eye-candy actors did a good job of unfolding their lives from young Voortrekkers to their mature years. The new original songs by Charl-Johan Lingenfelder were titillating” EXIT

“a perfect mixture of clever dialogue, comic timing and great music...a must see for both men, women and cowboys alike!” THE PEOPLE’S POST

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