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Alice in Wonderland

Book: Fred Abrahamse & Marcel Meyer

Music & Lyrics: Marcel Meyer

Direction: Fred Abrahamse

Musical Direction: Marcel Meyer

Set Design: Fred Abrahamse

Costume Design: Marcel Meyer

Puppet Design & Construction: Marcel Meyer & Fred Abrahamse

Lighting Design: JP Wilson

2014 Cast:  Natasha Dryden, Sven Ruygrok, Candice van Litsenborgh, Gordon van der Spuy, Kyle Jardien

2018 Cast: Carmen Pretorius, Bianca Flanders, Dean Balie, Gordon van der Spuy, Alex Tops

Venues and Dates: Canal Walk Theatre [28 June- 20 July 2014]  Canal Walk Theatre [23 June -16 July 2018]

About: An original musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adevtures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

What the Press Said:

“Fred Abrahamse and Marcel Meyer’s Alice in Wonderland musical is a triumph…visually spectacular with puppetry, witty costumes and knock-out performances by the cast who are renowned musical theatre artists. This Canal Walk/Abrahamse-Meyer is the best that I have seen. Each year, it gets better. Marcel’s musical adaptation and Fred’s book adaptation – pack a ton into one hour” THE CAPE ROBYN

“Whether costumes make or break a production could well be a subject for an Arts Phd thesis. Certainly, Marcel Meyer’s whacky costumes add magic to this delightful Alice in Wonderland. These together with Fred Abrahamse’s practical, picture book, garden sets of outsized toadstool, fancy flowers and flats, skilfully manoeuvred into place for scene changes, took a packed audience right into Alice’s wonderland” STAGE AND SCREEN


Best Production for Young Audiences [nomination]

Candice van Litesenborgh as The Queen of Hearts photo by Pat Bromilow Downing.jpg
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