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Snow White and the Seven Darfs

Book: Fred Abrahamse & Marcel Meyer

Music & Lyrics: Marcel Meyer

Direction: Fred Abrahamse

Musical Direction: Marcel Meyer

Set Design: Fred Abrahamse

Costume Design: Marcel Meyer

Lighting Design: JP Wilson

2009 Cast:  Nicole Regelous, Hannah Barnard, Marcel Meyer, Adam du Plessis, Daneel van der Walt, Richard Firth, Namhla Tshuka, Michael Gresak

2015 Cast: Joanna Abatzoglou, Nacia Kruger, Kyle Jardien, Andrew Lightly, Shannyn Fourie, Emile Doubell, Sama Yoyo, Rebecca Hartle, Maryanne van Eyssen, Stuart Brown

Venue: Canal Walk Theatre

Dates:   Premiere: 27 June – 19 July 2009 │ Revival: 27 June – 19 July 2015         


About: An original musical adaptation of the beloved Brother’s Grimm Fairy-tale of a beautiful young princess who befriends seven dwarfs, when she flees from her vain, wicked, step-mother.

What the Press Said:

“Such is the demand for youngsters to see Fred Abrahamse’s Snow White presentation that there are 15 shows a week and parents traveling as far afield as Stellenbosch, Wellington and the Atlantic Seaboard and keeping the cavernous Canal Walk fairy tale auditorium filled to capacity…unusually this isn’t a production in which children are participants. There is no interaction between on-stage activity and kiddies. This is a much more ‘grown-up theatre experience’…it was pleasing to notice how well the children behaved as they carefully and quietly followed the action. This good behaviour pattern, which these shows nurture, is helping create theatre lovers for the future. Long may they continue” THE CAPE TIMES

“Fred Abrahamse and Marcel Meyer’s musical production of Snow White is slick and professional. Abrahamse is a professional and the attention to detail, the sets, lovely costumes and dedicated cast make this a highly watchable offering” THE SUNDAY TIMES

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